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Best payment processors to use with Shopify - Reducing payment processor costs

Industry standards for entry and mid-tier volume stores are generally 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction to process credit and debit card payments. Depending on the level of volume and relationship with your payment processor, you may be able to negotiate this lower. Additionally, some countries such as Australia offer an advantageous 1.9% processing fee for domestic cards (this applies to Shopify Payments as well).

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Free Google/Microsoft & More Advertising Deals for December 2020 & January 2021

Advertisers frequently offer free advertising credits for new stores. For example Google is offering through Shopify $100 in advertising credit without a minimum spend, which can be used for approximately 25 days of free Google advertising. Bing is also offering $100 for $25 in spending. TikTok is offering $300. Snapchat is offering $75 for $50 in spend or $375 for $350 in spend. It's important to read the full terms of the offer before you commit, but generally these deals are a great way to get started advertising your dropshipping store with little to no cost. 

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