Four important points you should consider when buying your first dropshipping store

As first it can seem daunting approaching some areas of eCommerce with so many variables of websites and solutions on a constantly evolving internet, but it doesn't have to be. In this post we'll outline some of the common questions and mistakes to avoid when buying your first dropshipping store.

Understand that you're buying a new store that doesn't yet have an established base of customers

Be weary of anyone offering you an "immediately profitable" store. Successful established online businesses sell for many multiples of their monthly gross profits. Our stores do what we design them to do, serve as a highly functional and well designed storefront, stocked with inventory and ready to make sales without the inflated price tag, so you can focus on growing and marketing your business from day one. If there's any additional functionality or design you'd like to add or modify when you're viewing our stores, we'll be happy to add it at no charge. Simply use our chatbox to request the addition and a demonstration.

How will your store function?

How will you receive payments and fulfill orders, add or remove inventory, and manage growth? Depending on where your suppliers are located, our stores use integrated applications enabling you to easily fulfill orders from merchants, add or remove inventory, and grow into a successful business. Be weary of anyone selling you a store that isn't upfront about their supplier methods, which may be at best something as simple as a text file with URL links to each product where you'll have to manually enter orders one at a time, or at worst, a paid subscription service that doesn't allow you to trial a certain amount of products first (usually 25). Don't be afraid to ask for a demonstration store.

Is the name of the store easily marketable? Does the store sale include a .com domain name?

It's highly important to choose a store based on marketability. Everyone wants to live in the ".com neighborhood." These domains have higher recognition, search engine ranking, customer reputation, and value - directly lowering your long term marketing costs compared to some of the new domain name extensions such as ".store." Stores that don't offer a unique brand or .com address as part of the sale are offering you only a fraction of what you should be receiving when you're paying for a premade store. Don't settle for less than a .com and a good store name.

How will your store be hosted?

Our stores are powered by Shopify, the leader in eCommerce solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Included in your Shopify subscription is hosting, website security/SSL certificate, order & payment processing, tools for email and marketing campaigns, accessiblity to hundreds of applications, and so much more. If you'd like a free demonstration please reach out to us in the chatbox and we'll be happy to show you all Shopify has to offer. Be weary of stores offering "free" hosting which is usually an ineffective WordPress solution that while lower monthly dollar cost, will lead to much higher time spent managing and growing your store, adding or removing inventory, and quickly and effectively fulfilling and tracking orders. Don't get us wrong, there are definitely good options besides Shopify, but rarely at the same price point for the value you receive.

We hope you enjoyed reading these four points to consider when buying your first dropshipping store. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free demonstration store please reach out to us through chat or email us at