Free Google/Microsoft & More Advertising Deals for December 2020 & January 2021

Advertisers frequently offer free advertising credits for new stores. For example Google is offering through Shopify $100 in advertising credit without a minimum spend, which can be used for approximately 25 days of free Google advertising. Bing is also offering $100 for $25 in spending. TikTok is offering $300. Snapchat is offering $75 for $50 in spend or $375 for $350 in spend. It's important to read the full terms of the offer before you commit, but generally these deals are a great way to get started advertising your dropshipping store with little to no cost.

Details on free $100 Google Ads credit:

Details on free $300 in TikTok credit:

Details on free $100 in Microsoft Ads credit: (Australia) (United States)

Alternative Google Ads Promo Details, spend $150 receive $150: (United States) (Australia)

Details on free Snapchat advertising credit promo: