What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you sell your products to customers while the manufacturer/supplier packages and ships the products to your customers on your behalf. It is an excellent method to start selling online without a costly inventory overhead. You set the profit margins and have full control over your business and marketing. Your customer is happy to have found a quality product, your supplier profits from a high volume of sales from dropshippers like you, and you profit for your work bringing the product to a larger market

I want to ship my own products, do you support that too?

Yes. Please contact us for a custom store quote

Can anyone dropship?

Yes, If you've wanted to sell online and enjoy the freedom of being able to work entirely from your computer without the need for shipping packages directly. Our store packages cover the initial steps empowering you to run your business without the time consuming branding and setup. If you're interested in a demonstration store please contact us.

What platform do the stores use?

Our premade dropshipping stores for sale are powered by Shopify. If you're interested in development on another platform such as wooCommerce or nopCommerce, please contact us for pricing options

How will I receive payment & process orders?

Accept all major domestic and international credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and cryptocurrency and receive deposits directly to your bank account or online wallet. When you receive an order, fulfilling the product couldn't be easier with the application that will automatically enter item and customer information. Depending on product type, stores will use one or more applications to integrate suppliers. The application consists of a console that allows you to easily fulfill customer orders and update your products. For example purposes, this is a 5 minute video demonstration detailing the Oberlo fulfillment process

Can I sell worldwide?

Yes, all stores are capable of selling in your own country and worldwide through integrated multi-currency support. Suppliers are based in the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe, depending on which type of products you're interested in selling. Contact us for more information

What are typical profit margins?

Markup on your sales page from what you pay your supplier is at your choosing. Preloaded items are set between 50-200% markup. Your marketing and advertising spending will be the largest factor in determining your net proceeds of business operations. It's important to track your finances closely, accurately price and re-price your items, and not overspend on campaigns

What happens if my suppliers run out of stock?

Suppliers loaded in your store are chosen based on performance & reliability, price, and quantity of goods available for sale at time of store publication. Much like how brick and mortar stores rotate between seasons or new versions of a product, your supplier application(s) enable you to quickly and easily find replacement products or suppliers. You're also able to add or remove any products for sale, using both your store's administrative interface and using the supplier application

What are the costs involved?

Initial store purchase: from $200 USD

Recurring payable directly to Shopify: $29 USD/month for Shopify hosting, payment processor costs 2.9% + 30¢ USD per transaction using Shopify Payments. $16 USD/payable on second year to domain name registrar for your .com address and email hosting. Any costs you spend on marketing and advertising the business. If needed you may pause Shopify at any time

What kind of support do you offer?

Our objective is to enable as many people as possible to start selling online, and it's important you're satisfied with your store and its sales. We offer full after purchase e-mail and live chat support to help your business thrive and succeed. Additionally, Shopify, the hosting & service provider of your store, offers 24/7 e-mail and live chat support for any issues pertaining to the platform

How do I buy a store?

Purchase one of our turnkey dropshipping stores through the stores for sale page here. We'll contact you to begin the domain name and store transfer process which usually occurs the same day of sale. Everything you see on the store's live website is what you'll receive, and we're happy to make any changes you'd like to see before transferring the store to you