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 Design Your Own Clothing & Brand Dropshipping Store for Sale

We are in the process of updating the demo to display current suppliers - as of 2/15/2021 only Australia is accurate

This package is for those that want ultimate control over their store appearance and setup. We will design a custom clothing Shopify store for you to your specifications.  We will create your brand and assist you with the tools to create clothing designs using the suppliers available for your target country. From time of order to first deliverable of proposed logo designs and store names is approximately 24 hours, with completion scheduled according to your timeline

Our custom clothing print-on-demand stores include:

  • Creation of your unique brand
  • Assistance with tools to create clothing designs and import of products to your store
  • Unique .com domain name
  • Professional email address at your store's .com domain name
  • Professionally designed unique logo
  • Professionally created premium storefront
  • Assistance with payment provider integration
  • Assistance setting up Google Analytics
  • After store transfer you'll be signed up for $29/month Shopify basic plan, which can be paused at any time
  • Full after purchase support from us by email and live chat and full support by Shopify 24/7 by email and live chat
  • Installation of any apps such as pop-ups reminding customers of a sale or a chat app that forwards messages to your email address when you're offline

To get started, we will need to know:

  • Your desired target market and supplier country
  • Desired name and .com domain name for the store - it doesn't have to be exact, we will provide a list of available names using your keywords
  • Genre of your store
  • What style of design you'd like similar to one of our premade stores or another store you've seen online you'd like us to emulate